Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Seven Principle of Kw...I mean Seven Reasons Not To Celebrate Kwanzaa

Blessed Christmas to you and your family. My wish for you is that God would shine his face upon you and show you his favor.

I just wanted to pick your brain a little. I have to decline celebrating and feel inspired to just share why I do not welcome the made-up alternative to the celebration of Christ's birth.

  1. Dr. Maulana Karenga (Ron Everett), the inventor of Kwanzaa is a convicted felon with most of his injustices committed against other Black people and the most horrifying crime against two Black women - after the Kwanzaa inception in the 1960s. In this way, he directly contradicts all seven principles of this "celebration".
  2. Also, his blatant attempt to separate Blacks in America from the strong faith in Christ which flamed the spirit in our ancestors to endure decades of slavery in America. Kwanzaa is an anti-Christmas celebration.
  3. Kwanzaa is primarily recognized and celebrated in America, not in Africa, even though he took certain spiritual rituals from Africa and included them in the seven-day celebration.
  4. I only want to give my first-fruits and thanks to Almighty God, not to African gods (idols)
  5. Ron Everett prefers to be called "Maulana" meaning "master teacher" and "lord" I worship the One True Lord. Everett is not a Christian and cares nothing for the God we serve. He does not acknowledge Him by name only by "creator" which typically refers to Rah, the Sun God.
  6. While it is important to esteem and encourage others, I cannot justify celebrating myself or my heritage for seven straight days.
  7. Kwanzaa: A Black Racist Celebration
It is my sincere intention to share information that I have discovered and my conviction and utmost dedication to Jesus Christ does not allow me to embrace Kwanzaa knowing full well it's intention is to defy the celebration of Christmas. I did not write this to cause any dissension between you and me but to do what the Scriptures encourage us to do, which is to also encourage each other in the Truth. That's all!

If you care to read any further into the history of Kwanzaa and it's founder please go to these websites. - The Roots of Kwanzaa Project 21 New Visions: Why Black Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Kwanzaa - Ron Karenga
Christocentric - The Contradictions of Ron Karenga Kwanzaa: Holiday from the FBI - Jesus does not celebrate Kwanzaa-Highly Recommend by me

His Touch,

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