Saturday, November 29, 2008

Would you give me a gun to kill myself? Then why enable abortion? (also see previous post)

This is in response to the disturbing trend Planned Parenthood is taking. They are now offering gift certificates to people to use their services, including murder, excuse me, I meant abortion procedures.

When I read this my heart immediately began to break, I became sick to my stomach, and I cried out to God for mercy, and I wept for the children who will never get to experience life - good or bad.

Abortion is a moral issue and I understand that it is also a sensitive subject for people, especially in the US, and there are people who defend it with humanist rationalizations who contend we should not legislate morality. But in fact we do legislate morality, that is why laws are established and people are punished for murder, theft, extortion, sex with a minor, selling illegal drugs, etc. So why not abortion?

People argue that it is the woman's right to choose. Okay, I know there are instances when horrible things happen to a woman that she has no control over. In all actuality, factually only 1% of women reported having an abortion after being victims of rape and incest; 75% reported that having a child would interfere with their lives (sin is sacrificial).

If we were to take the blinding light of politics and the love for the almighty dollar out of the way, we would see how demoralizing and repulsive this selfish act of murder this is. Abortion is robbing this society of it's most precious gifts.

There are so many other issues that factor into my stance against abortion, including that witch Margaret Sanger and her goal to use abortion to exterminate Negroes and hold up whites as the superior race. Some say abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community - 63% of abortion clinics are located in or near poor and black communities.

Do not get me wrong, this is not a black or white issue, but a human issue. One possibility is that we value other life over human life. I've watched cable shows where people put themselves in danger to save the life of an animal. Animal rights, over human life...something's terribly wrong.

We have to do something, now. It wouldn't be wise to remain silent on this issue. I can't tell you what to do, but I do encourage you to pray and seek the heart of God, not man or politics, on this issue. I guarantee that you will make the right decision on how to help and what to do.

In His Care,

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  1. I say where is the public outcry in defense of those young minds that are not mature enough to handle the strong sexual messages force fed to them every second they are awake and that no doubt continues to shape their dreams when they sleep? Who will stand up against the media giants and modern day icons that overtly use sexual innuendos to sell their messages of lies and deceit?

    When will they realize that the battle does not begin or end at the abortion clinics? At this point their initiative to defend those who cannot defend themselves has already failed. They are late and knocking at the wrong door. The time and resources used to fight against this practice would indeed be better used to support programs that would educate women, young and old alike, of their choices - choices given to them in the form of pro-life and pro-choice rights without having to choose one over the other. These programs would let women know that an abortion is not a last resort far before it becomes their only resort. If somehow we could reach them before they are so vulnerable, before the majority of them feel it is the only way out.

    I often wonder what the statistics are of women with unwanted pregnancies due to a poor decision versus women who have abortions due to rape, incest, domestic abuse or health reasons. How many of these abortions are due to young ladies who are ashamed of their plight and are afraid to tell their families? How many have learned more through the lessons perpetuated through generations of unplanned pregnancies and absent fathers than from properly funded agencies and faith-based organizations that can reshape their thinking?

    Reflections from "This Common Secret: My journey as an Abortion Doctor" By Susan Wicklund